NFL Betting Lines Reflecting Injuries and Poor Play From Week 1

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It is hard enough for gamblers the first few weeks of a new pro football season, picking the winners is a tough job, now throw in the injury bug and what we have for week #2 is a complete scrambled puzzle.

The Giants are playing at Sunday in their home opener against the Green Bay Packers, who are coming off a big win over Philadelphia. The line for the game is a pick em. Seems simple enough, Giants coming off a tough loss, Packers off a big win, and it would appear a letdown is on the horizon for the Pack. Easy pick, Giants at a pick.

Not so fast. Factor in that the Giants lost their starting quarterback Eli Manning for four weeks and are playing a back up that has only had a handful of snaps in the NFL, and the gimme game goes out the window.

The Vikings loss their starting running back last week and it actually helped their point spread this week. That is because back up Adrian Peterson is widely perceived to be the best runner on the team and a future star, so the line for the Lions game this week drops to Detroit -3.

So the injury bug alters some of this week’s lines, here’s a few games that appear to be a little off. Start with the Cowboys-Dolphins. Dallas’ offense looks unstoppable, and Miami looks dreadful in week 1, the line, Cowboys by only 3.5, hhmm.

The Falcons are getting no respect at all since the Michael Vick incident, they are 10 point underdogs to a team that actually lost their home opener last week, Jacksonville.

In Week Two, it appears that the odds makers have again laid out the traps for gamblers to come grab the cheese, just beware, do not be one of the mice getting caught.

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