New Jersey Lawmakers Again Making Push For Online Gambling


New Jersey lawmakers apparently do not like being told no. Lawmakers who have passed online gambling legislation are back again, attempting to this time gain Governor Chris Christie’s signature.

Governor Christie vetoed legislation earlier this year that would have made New Jersey the first state to regulate Internet gambling. Lawmakers in both the Senate and the Assembly passed a bill that would have authorized online casinos, based at Atlantic City casinos.

The governor bowed to pressure from within his Republican Party, and vetoed the legislation. Now, lawmakers are busy at work crafting yet another online gambling bill, but this time they will be stressing an area of gambling that is widely accepted in the US.

State lotteries have become a cash machine for many states, New Jersey being one. The new plan is to allow gamblers to buy their lottery tickets online, or from their mobile devices. Gamblers will not only be permitted to bet online, but also be paid from the lottery directly to their bank accounts.

“This is a way for lawmakers to get something on the books that allows online gambling,” said Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz. “If they can get this through, my guess is they would then either next session, or in the near future, try their luck again with another full-scale online gambling bill.”

New Jersey has fallen behind in the race to regulate online gambling in the US. In the months since Christie vetoed the legislation, other states have moved quickly on drafting their own online gambling bills. Washington D.C. has authorized online gambling, and Florida, California, and Nevada are not far behind

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