New Gambling Option For Kansas Lottery On 150th Birthday


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Gambling promotions have become commonplace for state lottery’s looking to take advantage of holiday’s and other special events. That is why it comes as no surprise that the state of Kansas has unveiled a new lottery gambling game in time to celebrate the state’s 150th birthday.

The game, “Celebrating Our Statehood” will begin as a $1 ticket. Retailers will receive 600,000 of the tickets this week, and they will be sold to customers starting in a couple of weeks after that. In January, a $2 ticket will be available for purchase.

The lottery claims that the goal is to work hand in hand with the state to bring exposure to the birthday celebration. While that may be the state goal, there are those out there that believe the lottery game is just another way to coerce Kansas residents into buying into the lottery.

“I think it is awful how they use something like the state’s birthday to trick people into buying lottery tickets,” said Gayle Reskin. “The idea that I can win the top prize of $1,500 is almost comical when you consider that hundreds of thousands of these tickets are being sold. I guess it is just a brilliant marketing campaign.”

Of course, the founding fathers of Kansas would never have approved of the gambling that is taking place in the state today. Gambling was looked upon as a taboo subject back when many of the US states came into existence.

In the past two decades, gambling has become an integral part of almost every state in the union. Casino gambling has become a popular way for lawmakers to bridge budget deficits in recent years since the economic recession. States such as Ohio, where voters have a long history of rejecting casinos, have legalized casino gambling in the past year.

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